WordPress Security Audit

Worried your website has been hacked? Have some security concerns?
Hire us to complete a security audit and obtain peace of mind.

Are you worried about your website security?

No more worrying about those suspicious files. Our WordPress Security Audit service provides valuable & actionable insights, as well as details of any found vulnerabilities on your website.

Expertise you can trust.

At our very core, we work tirelessly to ensure that your website is kept as secure as possible. Our very culture is built around proving great customer service and being pro-active rather than reactive. So, when you choose to work with us - you're getting your very own expert tech team to help advise on security issues and reduce website security risks, without the large costs of employing a specialist.

As part of the audit process, we audit your website and provide feedback, advice and recommendations on any potential security risks present.

During the WordPress Security Audit, we also scan the website for any infected files and review any potential vulnerabilities on your website. All the information and recommendations are sent to you via a PDF report. This also includes suggested next steps and recommendations.

If we find malware, we will notify you of this. You then have the choice to take out our Malware Removal Service - tackle the removal yourself, or via another provider.
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Proactively reduce the risk of malware infections & website viruses
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Our WordPress Security Audit service is the perfect first step for those looking for security related advice. As part of the audit process, we audit your website and provide feedback, advice and recommendations on any potential security risks or vulnerabilities present.

Be proactive rather than reactive

How it works



Place your order for our WordPress Security Audit Services.



Checking security and searching for vulnerabilities. We audit and log our findings and identify any infected files, points of weakness or security vulnerabilities.



We send you our audit PDF report, detailing info on any infected files found, vulnerabilities identified and any additional recommendations.



If we do find any malware or infected files, we will list those in the security audit. It's then your choice as to whether you would like to additionally hire us to remove the infected files or find another solution.

WordPress Security Audit

Now only for £35

Purchase a WordPress security audit and we shall audit your website for any vulnerabilities. Includes pass or fail information regarding various security factors. PDF report format, including recommendations and any concerns, including suspicious files found.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the WordPress Audit?

The WordPress Security Audit is perfect for those who want to check the security setup of their WordPress website. It is also ideal for those who are concerned about their website security, or those who are not fully sure they have been hacked, but are worried and want to get some feedback.

Should I choose the audit or the malware removal service?

If you are confident you have been hacked or know this for sure, then we recommend purchasing our malware removal service. If you are not 100% sure you've been hacked - or you have general security concerns, the audit is a more sensible first step.

What details will you need from me to conduct the audit?

At minimum, temporary WordPress admin credentials. We will provide instructions on how to set that up. We may also request cpanel or FTP equivalent in some cases to review any potential malware scripts that could be hiding in the root directory.

How is the audit conducted?

The audit is conducted by one of our expert team. We setup temporary access to your website, then conduct a thorough audit and analysis. No changes to the website are made, it is purely observatory in nature. A PDF report is then created and send to you containing all the details of our findings including any recommendations.

How long does the audit take? When should I expect to receive it?

We aim to finalise all audits within 1-2 business days (Monday - Friday during stated office hours), this excludes bank holidays.

What does the audit report contain?

The audit report contains a breakdown of various security factors we analyse on your website. These are graded pass or fail and explanations are given as to what each factor means and why it is important. Additionally, if any suspicious admin accounts or files are found, any vulnerable plugins, we will not those , aswell as useful recommendations to help improve security further.
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